Nightingale’s voice….


She sounded like a nightangle to my wounded ears,

spoke what’s not right, but what i wanted to hear.

I found her voice in the dark, turned out to be my light,

who cares, when she killed me by an axe or a spear.



A true friend tells you what’s Good for you on contrary to what you want to hear……

Behind Those Curtains…


Let the curtains fall and you’ll see,

we’ve been putting up a show so effortlessly.

pretending to be you and me,

or those perfect souls we used to be.

until the spotlights shine tonight,

it’s the same old drama every night.

As the curtain falls, and they shout our name…..

I’ll walk off stage,

cause this whole play,

is more than i can take.




And when those leaves turns yellow,

i’ll hear their stories from when they were green.

i will Cherish them before they fall down,

caress the soil, reminiscence is unbound……☆



The (green leaves) here are the young ones
They turns old (yellow leaf).
going Through a Whole lot series of life learned , experienced
Tackled and break through,

Hear them and what they have to say and cherish them as much as you can and while you can.
cause when that Leaf Fall down and gets to be one with the soil…..
All thats Left behind are memories
“caress the soil, reminiscence is unbound”.
Look for it, That soil, it contains memories Of a thousand…..
and For sure Memories are not bound by the boundaries of Life and death….



Greetings, with mystic charms and magic wand✨ Picture credits: pinterest.

With in you, lies your own wonderland.
Seek It Out, Hold Your Magic Wand.
Chant those melodies you kept inside.That Heart Of Yours ,where magic Lies. Spread those wings You are meant To fly.
Go to sleep With Lullabies.
No one Judges,
No one hassles,
No more Grudges,
No more tussels,
No more wiping teary eyes,
Faking smiles hiding cries.
Live your life Your own way ,
like Bare Foot strolling On The Bay.

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In this life each one of us, have dreams, desires those we kept their in our hearts.

Thousands of people, thousands of dreams Picture credits : pinterest.

Life can be meant by so many things,some consider life as an experience, while for others , its just a mere lie.

We make our own bubble out of them, a bubble so light and delicate,
we just can’t imagine for that bubble to burst, and when it does burst someday, it seems pretty unreal.

Although that’s the harsh reality we never got the guts to come across to.

we cry and moan, for the world waked us up to the reality.

Its like rapunzel in her castle for 18 years, finally get to put her feet out on to the cold ground.
They say the world, its not sphere, its cruel…..

I Believe the world is more of a “ClassRoom” for all of us,
it teaches Us To live, it appreciates us, when we are good or when we put some effort.

“Even if success is not the result, it respect us to be brave enough to try”

But like every class room, their is competition in life as well.
competition to be the best, competition to get noticed,
competition to stand high,

what the students don’t understand is that, they can’t get to be first by pushing others off the cliff, but only those get to be number one who offer a hand to those falling down,
Because The teacher, Has an eye on each and everyone of us.

Picture credits : pinterest.


Life being hard pretty relatable, isnt it?
Lets, begin our journey as we do, pretty normally as a new born, we open our eyes to this world of fantasies and make believes, gliding like wind through the phase of childhood and exploring what is to be a Human.

Not known to, or being victim of all the hardships about to land in our lives.

As we grow up, we end up having desires, may be of a luxurious life style, or to achieve something big .

We went through break ups, eventually heart breaks, gets physically and mentally hurt, by our own emotions driving us crazy.

And ends up losing faith, smile, hope, and reasons of life.

Without all these essentials, we sometimes ends up losing our lives as well,

A whole lot blank page to be written gets torned down.”


You know when a Person Is Going through difficult times, they unconsciously or consciously en-cage themselves, and creates a boundary around them, They wont let people enter their realm of thoughts and sometimes even emotions, While they still , hope for someone to knock the door of their realm, once Or twice or thrice.

They are eagerly waiting for someone To approach them, To help them, to pull them out Of Their own cage.

Might not be able to vanish Their problems or difficulties but atleast give them hope And will Its always good to know that There is Someone who cares, who notices, who’s there to support and to look after.

“Its Like a Beam of light making its way through The realm of darkness and suffocation to brighten up a Little bit.”

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